Sunday, May 30, 2010

DJ and Dan's campervan adventure - Part 02

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Seeing as the last meal we had eaten was KFC the night before we thought it was time for a bit of a feed and what better place to stop than the township of Kaikoura. Known for its abundance of seafood we were all hoping for a bite of fresh crayfish, perhaps some fish n chips or even just a mince pie from the local service station would have cured our starvation.

When you arrive in Kaikoura you can choose two different routes to drive. One of them bypasses the township area and gets you back on the main state highway quicker. The other takes a more slower, scenic route down by the waters edge and past the bustling shops and cafés. Be sure to take the later route if you want to hang out at the beach, extract information from the information centre or if you have trillions of dollars to burn on an expensive tourist activities.
Being on a bit of a shoe-string budget the likely hood of us being able to afford some fresh crayfish looked even more dismal when we heard what the current going rate for one was. You should have seen DJ, he looked like he’d just been told Christmas wasn’t happening for the next five years.
I guess it had been a while since we had brought seafood and the going rate had gone up. However, in the hope of fulfilling our dream of tasting crayfish we came up with a plan to catch our own for free. I had heard about the old Kaikoura fisherman’s technique that my Uncle once told me about. For this you will need a pair of woman’s panty hose and some stinky old fish bait. I know, easy, because it’s two things that most people carry around in their boots anyway. But for a campervan load of boys we looked pretty strange holding packets of pantyhose at the local four-square supermarket.
Essentially the way you catch a cray (as told to me by my Uncle) is to fill one end of the pantyhose with stinky bait and then dangle this down into the deep parts of the ocean, over the sides of the coastal rocks. The crayfish latch on hard to the pantyhose, tangle themselves up with their silly antenna and you get to walk away with a fresh piece of Kaikoura seafood. Bam!
Unfortunately for us this technique failed to produce any real results, our pantyhose just kept getting tangled on the rocks and we were drenched by several large waves, stink one auh. Although this method of fishing may sound like a bit of a far-fetched tale we were re-assured by the locals that this technique really did used to work successfully back in the day. Unfortunately it was probably about 30 years ago that it last worked successfully and things are a little different now due to smaller crayfish numbers.

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